Organization Games


OrG simulation games are built on a powerful software-as-a-service platform so you can run all of your simulation based programs from one easy-to-use central interface. It integrates a gaming engine, an e-learning portal and an assessment application seamlessly.

We have designed and developed the largest number of serious simulation games that can be played online. The games can handle thousands of concurrent users.

At the same time we create games to address requests for games for unique situations from our clients. Our games are based on powerful and proven algorithms and analytics of the corporate world. Our simulation games are devoid of distracting animations that dilute learning. We use animation to the extent required to drive home the point and to keep people engaged, thus, enhancing learning. As we know that you would rather concentrate on delivering results than learning a new tool, we've made sure that our simulation games are quick to set up, intuitive, and run straight from your browser.

The simulation platform allows team members to work virtually if they wish. Each team member has his/her own account that enables him to make decisions and scenarios on his/her own and later combine the outcomes with the other team members. It is possible to utilize the simulation for any number of participants. All teams/ individuals may be starting from exactly the same position, with similar specifications. Similarly, the teams will be faced by the same situational/ environmental conditions during the simulation in the form of scenarios.


  • Customizable: Can be tailored to your specific needs to match it perfectly to your needs
  • Scalable: You can add as many participants as you want
  • Compatible: The product is compatible with all major browsers
  • Browser-based: There is no need for software installation or IT assistance
  • Realistic: The simulation models reflect real world business challenges and results accurately
  • Competitive: Teams compete against each other or against stored results (AI)
  • Intuitive: The platform based solution makes moving from one scenario to another a seamless experience
  • Flexible: Easy scheduling and distribution of learning materials over internet
  • Measurable: Detailed reports on results and competencies to help with the analysis
  • Robust Methodology: Leaves nothing to chance, reinforces learning from simulation games with digital learning and competency assessments